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Started by peterson123, August 16, 2014, 05:09:47 AM

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Hi, i'm new here, but I am curious to know if it is possible to use RGB with an NTSC Gamecube (without component cables). I have a third party GC rgb scart cable and I performed the the mod featured on this page (http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/official-pal-gamecube-rgb-cable-on-ntsc-consoles/), but every time I start up the GC, it says it is in RGB mode, but shows no image. I am also using an upscaler to convert it to HDMI. If this mod doesn't work, is there any way to mod the gamecube itself to output RGB? I don't want to spend money on component cables or a pal console. Any help on this subject would be great.



Welcome! The mod you referred to is meant for using an official PAL GameCube RGB cable with the NTSC SNES and modded NTSC N64 consoles.

The NTSC GameCube can't output RGB from the analog Multi AV out. Your choices are:
A) Modding the expensive component video cable, at the loss of progressive scan 480p capability. This needs a DOL-001 GameCube.
B) Acquiring a cheap PAL GameCube for RGB and playing NTSC games with a Freeloader disc.
C) Modding a PAL Wii RVL-001 for NTSC GameCube games. The GameCube Freeloader disc would only work up to a certain firmware revision of the Wii.


That makes sense now, thanks for the help. I guess I will go track down a pal Gamecube. Using a Wii would defeat the purpose, because I wouldn't be able to use my broadband adapters with it. Now time to start searching ebay.


There's somebody who is selling a PAL GameCube DOL-001 for 15 € from Germany, although shipping costs to where you are is another matter:
I think he is also a member of this forum.


Reverse engineer of the Gamecube Component cable.


Opens up a lot of possibilities, but you also have to roll it entirely on your own.