Sharp vs. 'other' MIDI cards-- compatibility question

Started by Arcade, August 23, 2014, 11:35:31 AM

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So I've read that there may be a difference between Sharp and other (Sacom) MIDI IO boards resulting in an incompatibility of something, somewhere, sometime. ;-)  Other accounts seem to indicate there's no difference.

My question is thus:  can anyone name a specific game that definitely does *not* work correctly on the Sacom MIDI boards that does work OK on the Sharp?  (If there's a 'tricky' game I want to be able to test against it.)



The 2nd SACOM board with the mini-ports should give you no problems, there are quite a few games that do not support the original SACOM with the full size din5 plugs though.

Id have to go through the collection again to check which ones, but I remember reading it in quite a few manuals.


If you happen to run across one game that definitely doesn't work with the first SACOM board please let me know.  I just need one that's known to fail so I can check my logic decoding is right and 'Sharp' original.  Thanks!