Idea for PAL SNES / JAP SFC Cartridge Slot Extension

Started by micro, July 17, 2014, 09:50:51 PM

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Everyone knows that US SNES carts don't fit into PAL SNES and japanese Super Famicom systems. Yes, it's possible to widen the cart slot but often the result doesn't look nice. Import adaptors and Action Replay carts are another possibility to fit US carts into PAL/japanese systems. But at least in Germany import adaptor prices seem to keep rising...

So there's a way to build yourself a neat, small and short cartridge slot extension. It's just a mechanical adaptor, so no electronics involved.

- a cheap old cartridge
- two PCB pieces
- a cartridge slot

Ordering the PCB's:
Visit Itead-Studios and put this item in your shopping cart twice. Pay attention to the details.

PCB 1:
PCB Thickness: 1.2 mm
Surface Finish: ENIG
E-Test: 100 %
Copper Thickness: 1 oz
Open Source: doesn't matter

PCB 2:

PCB Thickness: 1.6 mm
Surface Finish: HASL
E-Test: 100 %
Copper Thickness: 1 oz
Open Source: doesn't matter

After the checkout you'll get a confirmation email containing your order number. Use that order number and send an email to with the gerber files attached (see end of post for the gerber files).

Unfortunately I don't have a source for the cart slots. I was lucky to retrieve 8 slots in total but they're all gone. These were the same slots used for the Retrode device. As new devices like the Retron5 get released even today, there must be a source. Somewhere...

The old cartridge case should be cut down to 45 mm in height. Also make sure you widen the small opening for the PCB:

Assembly of the adaptor is self-explanatory, here some more pics:

And here's the result once again:

Thanks to:
ikari_01 and his snescart.lbr for the outline of the SNES cart PCB
bastisch and RedScorpion for providing the Retrode SNES cart slots

There's also a german thread on
Maybe the cart slots can be sourced again.... (Please don't send me any PM's requesting PCB's or slots, I don't have any left... :( )