S Video mod for (AUS) PAL 2000 ice blue n64

Started by Toybox88, July 13, 2015, 07:13:16 PM

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Hey Guy,

New here! And have just picked up a Ice blue N64 with the MB revision NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 I've be suckered into buying two different cables for this thing, both of which did not work (no surprise) I'v seen some info that suggests these late model units don't have svideo signal at all and wondered if the hardwire mod works on this model of unit. I've checked out the thread RE svideo hardwire but there are no details suggesting it works on this model. My MB does have the connections on the board but I'm unsure if there is signal to hijack.

Other than this, am I down to getting an old CRT to play on?

Cheers dudes



From memory and I don't know if the s-video mod applies the same principles as the component mod.

I'll assume both required the same. If that is the case only the early French PAL models and NTSC models had the capability to be modded to support component. The other PAL regions had an inferior video output processing chip that could not be modified.

Hopefully someone can correct me if I am wrong as having s-video would be a welcome addition since component on Aussie models is out of the question.


I believe the translucent and Pokemon N64s could not be modified like the early black models.


This is what I think as well, and that's why I stick with my black N64 for S-Video. If you really want the looks of the translucent case, it might be worth swapping the internals with a black console.