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Started by wildo2ne, June 21, 2014, 03:12:34 PM

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just a quick question before I go down to my office, do all crt monitors support 15khz?



 Hi Wildo2ne !

Almost all PC CRT monitors are 31kHz and upwards only. I see three options for you. Either buy an original SHARP X68000 CRT monitor from Yahoo Auctions or try to hunt down a Microvitec M1438, M1538, M1738, M1764. It was very popular with Amiga enthusiasts so you could try asking for it in Amiga forums, AmiBench or even looking for it on eBay. I have one of these and Caius has M1438S (S is for speakers). You will have to build an adapter from Japanese RGB-15 to DE-15, which is very easy to do.

The third option is to look for some sort of scan doubler. There are many high quality threads regarding this topic in the forum.

Keep the scene alive !
X68000 personal computer is called, "X68K" or "no good good" is called, is the PC that are loved by many people today.


I've not tried it personally but you may also be able to use a standard resolution PVM of some sort but you'd probably have to build a circuit to combine the H and V sync signals.  Also, I dont know how such a monitor would behave when fed 31k stuff.


Bringing this topic back...

The Sony PVM 9044QM will mess the image when the X68000 output video at 31khz. Video is kind of divided in to parts, we can read something but unusable.

Here are the monitors I have that support 15khz and works with the X68000:

  • Sony PVM 9044QM - no support for 31 khz, at 15khz image is beautiful.
  • LG M1721A - support 31Khz on VGA connector, suport for 15 Khz on SCART connector
  • Sony CPD-L150 - supports both 15Khz and 31Khz on the VGA connector. 15Khz not perfect, but usable

The CPD-L150 is a new, welcome addition to my collection because now my X68000 boots up games at 15 khz and the sync is kept, I can see the menus and go to the setup and change to whatever resolution fits better for that game.