Sega Game Gear LCD Mode Idea / questions

Started by Cyber Axe, June 09, 2014, 03:36:06 AM

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Cyber Axe

I posted this originally on the SEGA 16 forums a few months ago but it seemed to gain no interest, thought i'd try here since you guys are more technically inclined.

One of the problems with the current GG LCD mods are you end up with a tiny picture while the Master System is full screen, I did some checking and if you could find an lcd that was 512x438 in the right size (or slightly higher in height and just crop it off with the bezel), you could display both without any distortion.

This relies on absolute scaling of the video however and I am unsure if that is feasible or not, i know programatically it is, but i'm a noob when it comes to electronics.

If it is indeed easy to double or tripple a picture then this would be the end result of both pictures on a 512x512 screen, (the pink area is 512x438)

gg.png = Game Gear: x3 scaling
sms.png = Master System: x2 scaling

I'm sure you'd agree that if we could acheive that result it would be the best of both worlds for an lcd mod to accommodate GG and SMS games.

Anyone know if that's possible or not?

And if so anyone know of any suitable LCDs for the Task? (i've been unable to locate any so far)