Is Serial MIDI Possible ?

Started by Jehuty, May 04, 2019, 11:31:52 PM

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I have an Serial MIDI adaptor from my Amiga computer here and i had the Idea if this will work on an X68000.

But the first problem is the DB25 Plug. While the Amiga has an male RS232 its an Female on X6800.

A look in the schematics tell me that 2 is TX, 3 RX and 7GND. So this is 1:1 from Male to Female.
But the MIDI Adaptor uses pins 9 and 10 which are +12V and -12V on the Amiga.
The X68000 schematics shows nothing conected to pins 9 and 10. Haven´t measured on real machine.

So is there a way to hook the Amiga midi to the x68000 and makes this sense ?
Are there any games that can use this ?


Yes, there is RS-MIDI. Here is some info. Unfortunately it isn't really well supported. There are some compatible patches in this archive.


Has anyone gotten RS-232 Serial MIDI working with the X68000? Unfortunately the site with compatible patches is no longer up.