NES: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street NTSC' on PAL NES - glitchy graphics

Started by Shadow_Zero, April 22, 2014, 06:13:13 AM

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I just got a (NTSC) copy of A Nightmare on Elm Street for the NES, but it doesn't work properly on any of my PAL NES' (of which one is a French RGB model). The graphics of the intro screen are all blocks and playing the game results in a heavy flickering.
In the end I took out my good ol' Tristar for the SNES (haven't used it in ages!) and there the game works fine!
I've made a video of this:

I don't have many NTSC NES games, but I have a few others and I've never experienced this phenomena. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Can I get it to run properly on a PAL NES?

Got quite some info over at Assemblergames in the meantime:
Apparently there are quite some import games that just don't work properly on a NES. Too bad!