Thank you BlueBMW and nfggames forum

Started by Sukerbole, March 24, 2014, 03:09:06 AM

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Dear Forum,

I really want to thank Blue BMW for the compact repair info topic:

Some years ago I bought a compact model however it did not work correctly and therefore I never used it.
This year I finally started to repair it using the info from this forum and topic.
It had all the classic issues mentioned.
I must say it was a terribly difficult repair for me and took me several months.  Most smd caps leaked and partially the mainboard was degraded by the liquid from the caps. After replacing everthing (also the caps drives) the moment of truth was there and yes it works again.
I'm so happy now. It really is a fantastic system.
Mine also had a midi card. And this also works perfect.

Without the info from the forum I never got it working again.
So thanks forum and thanks BlueBMW

The next steps are:
Ordering a stratos aztecmonster ( I already have an external scsi cable and case for it).
Getting a Micomsoft screen thingy and a good joystick.

Maybe I need some help from. you in the future with the CF card device :)


Always good to hear of systems coming back from the dead!  Congrats!