FDD maintenance matter

Started by a24tanabe, March 12, 2014, 04:30:53 PM

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I'm trying to restore FDD 1.FDD 0 is OK,but FDD1 is broken.
It shows "CRC error" or "improper disk" or "unformatted".

Upon starting restoration,I googled about FDD.
It says "re-greasing needle screw" and "renewing caps", and so on.

I tried re-greasing but it doesn't work.
When re-greasing,I turned needle screw by hand.
Was it OK? Wasn't it make FDD's head positioning structure wrong?
I'm afraid of it.

One web page says "re-gressing is easy by turning needle screw by hand".
But I didn't confirm it is true.

Must I recalibrate head position? How can I do it?

I'm working original X68000. PSU is already restored.
Any suggestion is welcome. Please help me!



Dont touch the head until you have replaced all the capacitors. Chances are it will work once you do.

Recalibrating the head is a big hassle.



The latter since he mentions that this is one an original X68000.

But replacing caps applies to either model.