N64 Controller Pak Label

Started by Nukkus, March 03, 2014, 12:48:26 AM

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I was wondering if anyone out there might have a scan/template for the N64 Controller Pak label. I want to print out some new ones.


I might have a new one I can scan but it'll be ages before I unpack my collection to find it, we just moved house


Ahh, take your time then, I'm not in any dire need.


Good question, I'm pretty sure I have one/some as well, lying around somewhere... (that's the tricky part, "where?!" 9_6 ).
I'll give a poke when I find it of course!


Anyone come across a scan of the N64 Controller Pak Label yet? I also have been searching high and low for one. Thanks.


I had a lookie in the box where I was hoping to find it, but alas. Did find the manual though   ^^
Did they provide multiple stickers per memory card, or just 1?
(I kinda recall multiple, but perhaps that was Playstation...)

Doh! Just came across a Gamecube memory card sticker. Surely an N64 one has to be close by   >_<


It wouldn't be hard to make these, first just need the measurements of the label and I could easily make something in photoshop. Could even make some custom N64 mem card labels.