Author Topic: Building a Sega Nomad Battery Pack from Scratch  (Read 2345 times)

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Building a Sega Nomad Battery Pack from Scratch
« on: December 06, 2013, 08:30:14 PM »
I Was recently just shipped a Sega Nomad by a friend, Unfortunately it didn't include its battery box, So I got to thinking of making my own instead.

What I was thinking was 6 AA's in an enclosure box wired to a typical Gen / MD AC Plug then using Velcro and double sided tape on the back of the nomad and Velcro glued to the new box to run it.

Then I can run it of 6 High Capacity Rechargeable AA's, What I'm looking for is opinions on this potential design. From what I have read 7 to 10 Volt range is fine for the Nomad and 6 Rechargeable AA's would give 7.2v I would also use 2600 ones at least though I have heard of 3000 ones but I don't know if there any good since there's no name brand I know of supplying them and that's normally a red flag.

I have done some tests with Voltage on my Game Gear which has similar power requirements and it works at 6v on AC (with a multi AC adapter) but shows low battery but at 7.2 via Rechargeable batteries its fine
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