Nomad PAL/NTSC Mod without Japan/Overseas part

Started by Kouen Hasuki, December 06, 2013, 08:28:50 PM

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Kouen Hasuki

Would it be possible just to mod the Nomad for NTSC / PAL selection on the Mode button without doing the Japanese / English Mod since I do not intend to put my games into Japanese or Import Japanese titles?

From what I am thinking is that I could then just do a single wire mod from JP3+4 to the Mode Button (Since its far less used than the Start Button)

Would this work or is it needed that I do the Language mod too for the PAL / NTSC one to work?

Many Thanks in advance and sorry to be a pain but since I got a Nomad coming in the post and I am European it would make my life far easier if I had this way of doing it