Voltage Regulation.

Started by benzaldehyde, April 02, 2004, 02:21:14 AM

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Hi all,

I was just wondering if, say I were to parallel-combine two identical, regulated power sources (for the puropse of doubling the current to ~1.5A), would I still have a regulated voltage from both supplies? If not, how may I reregulate it? I've been looking in my trusty book, but aside from using a diode and a choke, I'm not quite sure how. Thanks!

dum dum

use one regulator and add a power transistor, apparently


and if that url doesnt work due to all that headecimal junk try this messy pathway:
goto dse.co.nz
goto browse categories/support+data/electronics/electonic components/semiconductors/integrated curciuts/voltage regulators/current boosting