NEC TurboDuo controller pinouts discrepancy

Started by fragment, March 31, 2004, 08:54:47 AM

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Will someone let me know why these two diagrams have different pinouts
for the Mini din - duo connector? I used the Gamesx info, which I guess
is wrong, and that just wasted a lot of my time. I am making a duo/nes
controller, and it wasn't working. I imagine the the turbofiles would be
right (why didn't I look there the first time).

After using the turbolist information, my project worked. I made a NES controller to work on a TG-16 so I could have an extra controller for Bomberman. So again, why the discrepancy on pinouts for the mini din?



I've used the info on the page a dozen times without any problems, are you sure you didn't just get the pinouts backwards?  Those images aren't keyed very well, especially the TG one which isn't keyed at all.


Did you even take a look at both of those diagrams? Both give pinout credit to Steve Marsh, yet the diagrams don't even match. Please see for yourself and tell me what you think. It wasted alot of my time.

Mini-DIN-8 PLUG  (Duo)

     Turbolist diagram                      
        1   7   8  
        6   3   5
           2  4

  Gamesx diagram                      
       6   7   8  
       3   4   5  
          1  2



That's because his uses an arbitrary pinout numbering system for the purposes of making an adaptor cable, where mine uses the proper pinout which is what you'll find printed on the actual connector.  Does that make sense?  He made a random pin numbering scheme, you want I should match his or do it the right way?

I don't know why your cable didn't work, I'll double check my pinouts but the reason for the discrepancy is clear.


It's cool dude, I got my cable to work. I see what you are saying about him just using arbitrary pinout, but that just get's confusing. Well no worries, I got it to work by refering to the turbolist pages. The intersting thing is Steve Marsh is given credit at both sites for the pinouts, but yet the numbers are different. Again, no biggie, I got my project completed! I hacked a NES 2 controller to work on my PC Engine. Just wanted something new to play games with. Had an extra NES 2 controller, so I said what the heck. Next, the NES advantage and maybe even the MAX.