Sega Saturn Pinouts for DB-9 port, S-Video port

Started by samshappytime, August 28, 2013, 02:57:06 AM

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Hi!  I am currently modding my Saturn to allow for two ports located on the battery cover.  These are an S-Video port, and the custom DB-9 multi-AV adapter.  Rather than make the adapter, I am connecting the proper points within the Saturn.  (Also, the S-Video port is extraneous, I know.  I am just not ready for all the RGB projects and equipment yet, so I am doing both at once.)  Here is my question: The Saturn has a pin for Sync and a pin for Comp Video.  The adapter has a pin for Video/Sync.  Which do I connect?  Do both go to the same pin, or is there one I must choose for one reason or another?  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.  I really appreciate all of the great information on your site, and look forward to hearing for you.  Also, The S-Video port has Chroma and Luma, but what about the other two pins?  I believe they are ground, but isn't the outer circle ground?  What, if anything, should I connect from the inside of the Saturn to the pins at the port?


You can use either composite video or composite sync, it really depends on if your RGB monitor is OK with composite video as sync or if you want composite video available. Also, the lower two pins for S-video are ground and you need to have both connected.


I am not sure which will be possible yet, because I don't have the SCART to COMPONENT converter yet.  This was something I wanted to do ahead of time so when I picked up the converter, I would have something to test it with.