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sega saturn cds

Started by ORTA, April 04, 2004, 03:13:14 PM

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I don't know where to post this message because NFG sales seems to be abandoned so I tried here. Lawrence do you have a panzer dragoon saga cds and do you accept trading because I have 4 original sega saturn cds i want to trade to, if your interested here are the titles..

virtua fighter2
goldenaxe: the duel



... :blink:

... :blink:  :blink:  :blink:

For once, I'm caught without a punchline...


Hey Benz what does that mean?? :unsure:  


Benz is saying you are trying to trade for a game that sells for more than $100 today by offering a game that was free and three games that sold for under $5 at Walmart in a sealed package.

Or for a more descriptive version, you are offering the car dealer your shoes, a skateboard, and single inline skate for a sports model car.


Something like that. I paid $185.00 for my copy, and while I'm not too sure what the value of those games is, I'm pretty sure it's not that much. Start saving, or pray for a rerelease (I still do). ;)


Abandonded, eh?  The sales page says "Last updated April 2nd".  That was two days ago.  As for contacting me, what's wrong with the Sales forum exactly?  Or the Contact page?  Have you even been to the sales page!?


The problem is I can't post a message there! I'll try it right away thanks for the "INFO" guys!! <_<


Ah yeah, you can't start threads - this was intentional, to keep the conversations more focused.  The problem started when 30 days went by and the topics posted were no longer shown; I've fixed this.  You can reply to either post (and always could).