Fix N64 L R button

Started by Shadow_Zero, July 15, 2013, 04:11:49 AM

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I have third party N64 controller here for which the R button doesn't work anymore. It's suppose to 'spring' (is that what you call it in English?) back after pressing it, but it's broken/torn.
Can this be fixed/replaced?


Looks like a standard tactile switch. Simple replacement. I've replaced a few myself actually.


Cool, now I've got something to search for  :)
(only need to find out what it's called in Dutch  heh)

Apparently that's a "membraamschakelaar":

Replaced it, desoldering was a bit annoying, but the controller seems dead. I totally forgot to check if it even worked beforehand  >_<   Maybe I'll do a controller checkup later on.


I thought I'd just use my old topic for this question  :)
I have a broken SNES R button:

I tried to superglue it, but it doesn't seem to hold. Anyone got any ideas?


I had the same issue with one of my SNES controllers.

Superglue/CA glue won't do any good here, but will make the material more brittle.

Better use a glue specifically for polystyrene. UHU Plast Fl├╝ssig is a liquid glue which will melt the surfaces of this type of plastic to form a good strong bond, in a similar fashion as plastic hot welding. The hot welding method would even be stronger, but isn't necessary in this case.

I did this to my SNES controller's R-Button and to some broken screw mount posts. Good as new! :)