Launch model US Saturn won't read disks, new optical pickups

Started by sheath, June 05, 2013, 04:25:38 AM

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I have a Saturn launch model dated April of 1995 that will not read disks.  It boots to the control panel and simply never spins the drive.  I replaced the optical pickup with a new one and with a known working one from my other 1995 Saturn and the unit still will not spin disks.  I suspect this has something to do with the power strip but can't find any (visibly) bad capacitors on it either.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  My later 1995 model has a different PSU so I wasn't able to swap it out to see if that was the problem.

Any advice would be appreciated.  I would like to get this unit working again.

Board Shot


I had 3 Saturns with the same problem in the past.
Nothing got them back alive.
Same with my lauch day Dreamcast. I just bought 4 used laser lens, hopefully one will repair it.


its usually the cd drive. try switching the cd drive entire with a working one to see if thats the problem. i have one here like that. im almost isolating the bad part on it.


Huh, not sure I want to go that far or cannibalize my one working Saturn to test it.  Let me know if that works though.  I would have thought the optical pickup would be the first culprit, and since the spindle and gears are all working and movable how could I test the CD-Drive?