Wiki Updated - Nothing Works

Started by NFG, July 02, 2013, 10:40:24 PM

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OK, so I noticed some weird shit on the wiki.  Maybe it was me, maybe it was hackers, I dunno.  So I went and updated it to the latest version, and unfortunately they've made huge changes to the auth system, and I'm about six degrees less awesome than is required to integrate it with the forum.

So no one's wiki accounts work, probably.

If anyone wants to have a go at re-integrating the authentication system, here's the DokuWiki documentation on the auth system:

And here's the code that worked before:

It should be simple, but I tried it once and came up against some weird shit I didn't understand.  If you've got the PHP-fu, give 'er a go.  =)

Anyway, the wiki's safe, and that was the priority.


Hey Lawrence, do you know if someone has resolved this yet?  I have a few guides I wanted to add to the x68000 wiki, but I cannot seem to login to do the edits.  Thanks!


No fool has volunteered, so for now just register on the wiki as normal.   Let me know if that doesn't work.   I'm in Japan until sept, so may be slow to assist but should be able to help if required.


don't you just have a backup of the previous (and working) wiki?


Well sure,  but the old code is fulla security holes and exploits, that's why I updated it.   =(