Problem with sega CD

Started by gdblem, March 30, 2004, 04:04:34 AM

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Hi all!

I bought recently a Sega CD 2 and it doesn't work.
I opened it and noticed a broken capacitor.
Its name is "C920", someone can tell me the value of it?
Some other questions:
Can I use a power supply 9V and 1,2A with it ? What is the value of "F301"?


For capacitor value, look at the coloured bands on the capacitor and use a resource to calculate the values. Like either of these:

What the colours mean.
If you want to calculate it yourself.


Capacitor Calculator
If yer lazy like I am.

Sega CD2 outputs 9V DC 1.2A.
Hey there, fancy pants!


Thank for your reply.

The capacitor is CMS type, it's brown and very little.


Capacitors are usually filters between GND and +5v, check that this cap does in fact connect those two regions and, if so, you can almost certainly ignore it since there's a dozen more doing the job.  The chance of a filter cap bringing the whole system down are negligible.

Caps don't just 'break', they are either knocked around by physical impact or they explode when something horrible goes completely wrong, in either case a single blown cap is probably the least of your worries.