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Started by Agentspikey95, March 21, 2004, 05:28:55 PM

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i can't really divulge much info here but the bulk is i wanna power my NES off of my Saturn PSU. I can't afford a multimeter right now, and no one around here even knows what the heck a multimeter is except the IBM guys and the dudes at radioshack. what i wanna know is, can i power my NES off of the saturn PSU's 9VDC feed? if i have to, my project permits use of he old AC adapter. Is there a point after the power input where it becomes xVDC where i can just connect the PSU?

thanks in advance!
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I just am interested in why. Why?  :huh: Cause, um, I'm not getting this whole idea. No offense! (none)  
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well the ida is i'm putting my NES in a new case, and i want wo be able to use a computer power supply or my saturn PSU which i've put a PC powert socket on. I wanna make my NES cool, and leave behind me the problem of losing the AC adapter

What i wanna know is, what's best to use, 12V, or 9V, and is it ok to use DC since the nintendo adapter outputs AC, and where do i connect it, straight to the PCB somewhere, or just hook it to the power input?
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NES power supply does not output AC your reading it wrong brother!
Yeah if your saturn puts out 9v DC then it will most likely work. Look on the pcb where the power comes in from the normal ac adapter and thats where you want to put the power in obviously, havent looked at the nes mobo in a while so i couldnt tell you if its labeled positive or negative or whatnot. just touch the wires to the connections, and if it works, you have your positive and negative, if it doesnt it wont hurt, just solder it the other way.

12v dc wont hurt it either, so if you were planning on using a computer power supply, while it is technically a little too much, 12v vs the standard 9v shouldnt hurt it. The yellow cable from my power supply is 12v. You could also combine a 5v(red) and a 3.3v(orange) line to get 8.3v? (Someone confirm this?)
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actualy the (s)nes power supplies in Australia+NZ do give out AC (remember, companies sometimes like to retool things in different markets for whatever reasons). most 'simple' devices that accept a small AC power supply like the nes will also take DC of similar properties (voltage+ current), but watch out, DC devices will not like AC :)

as long as you can satisfy the voltage and current requirements, then you probably can connect devices to what ever power supply you want (flip the console over and have a look). watch out for sharing that power with another device at the same time of course


If my memory serves me right:

(Super) Famicom - DC


yeah i have an american NES with the original power supply. it says directly on it 9VAC

i just wanted to know about this because this is the same way i blew my mom's atari.
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