[SEGA Saturn] Isn't there an error on the GameSX documentation?

Started by localheureux, April 24, 2010, 02:29:21 AM

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At the beginning of this page:

Table says:
- Japan version => JP7 & JP 11 closed
- US version => JP6 & JP10 closed

And on the schema just above at right that's not the same for Japan version with jumpers 6 & 11 closed, and  7 & 10 for US version (only one jumper correspond for both).
I don't understand....  ???

I need to learn to modify my Saturn.
Thanks a lot for your help.

PS: by the way, that's maybe just an example but with this  first image (Named "How The Jumpers Work") where JP6 are  GND, just after JP6 is + 5 V (second image), and all these different revisions of Saturn PCB, it's very difficult to not be completely lost ...  ???


Oops, you're right.  The animated image is different from the chart.  I should fix that!


I'm sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm planning to mod my Saturn soon (bought several Saturn games during my last visit to Japan) and would like to know which is right between the table and the animation.



Open yours up, have a look at the current jumper status, and let me know which is correct.  =P


Bumping this because the wiki page is indeed wrong, and got me confused for a long time.

JP6, 8, 10, 12 are all +5v
JP7, 9, 11, 13 are all GND.

Japanese units are set to regioncode 1 ("J"), JP6/9/11/13
Samsungsaturns are set to regioncode 2 ("T"), JP7/8/11/13
USA and Tectoy units are set to regioncode 4 ("U"), JP7/9/10/13
PAL units are regioncode 12 ("E"), JP7/8/10/12

So on the wiki, the 6/7 jumpers are reversed in the "how the jumpers work" gif, and in the Country Codes jumper table.


Alright, thanks guys.  I'll recreate that GIF and update the wiki as soon as I can.