Gcon 45 NTSC-J + TC2 NTSC-J + Ps2 fat Pal

Started by HatakeKakashi, September 20, 2012, 07:01:56 PM

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Hey Guys,
a few weeks ago i traveld to Japan. I bought two Lightguns (Gcon45) with timecrisis1 + 2. At Home i tried to Play it on my Pal
Ps2 Fat. There was no problem with the PSX game. But the PS2 one didn't recognice the Guns. I already testet NTSC Time Crisis 3, NTSC Crisis Zone.
They also doesent work. But Point Blanc also had no plobrem.
Why the Hell does only PSX games work, while anybody told me that you can use Gcon1 for any Namco PS2 game?

I hope anybody can help me!