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Wikipad 7 controller

Started by djsedaw, May 11, 2020, 07:02:24 AM

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I have a couple of wikipad 7 controllers, would anyone know how to get them working with a raspberry pi or even a pc?


With the disclaimer that I've never used one or examined one up close, it's my understanding that the Wikipad 7 pad bits are just standard Bluetooth controllers. But I don't know if there's anything proprietary or extra in the drivers or the communication (like how the Wiimotes or the Dual Shock 4 add stuff on top of the Bluetooth standard). I don't see anything from the first five pages of the search engine results.


Thanks that's interesting, I thought it was USB controller as you power it via the USB port on the wikipad tablet, I tried connecting the controller to a pc with a modified USB cable, the pc saw it as a wikipad but not as a controller, rasberry pi just does not see it, will keep trying!


Think it is USB, I had the + and - lines on the USB the wrong way round, corrected and now it powers up, but need to make up a otg cable for the raspberry pi, hopefully it will see it?


Cannot get any other device other than the wikipad to see the controller, they power it but don't see it, not sure its a real hid usb device