XRGB2+ compatibility

Started by RichieB, March 27, 2004, 09:21:29 AM

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Can anyone please tell me if the XRGB2+ is compatible with this monitor?


Would very much appreciate it.

Also, does the HD15 carry sound channels and how does that work with the XRGB unit.  I know some PC monitors these days have speakers.  But I also know the XRGB2 has L+R outputs for the sound as well.   Please explain.

Thanks again.



The XRGB2+, like the XRGB2 and XRGB1, is compatible with all VGA monitors.  If that monitor takes a VGA signal, then it'll work.

VGA connectors don't have RGB signals, both the XRGB and monitors with speakers use headphone-style plugs.