Megadrive mod-How to determine jumper directions

Started by James, March 26, 2004, 09:30:24 AM

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Im attempting the 60hz and language mod but I've run into a problem.

Does anyone know how I would determine which end of the jumpers is top and which is bottom?

Is there something on a circuit board itself which would clue me into
this? I can't see anything around the jumpers that would suggest their
orientation? Is there some tell tale sign on boards that identifies their

The trouble I have is that all the diagrams I've seen for the mod show the 4 jumpers running parallel left to right.

Like this: (forgive the dots, their there just to provide proper spacing!)

jp1 jp2 jp3 jp4
jp1 jp2 jp3 jp4

Whereas my circuit board unfortunately has its jumpers run top to bottom so Im none the wiser. :(

Like this:





Also I have no capacitor on jp1. I've read that this shouldnt be a problem and to just continue with the mod without it. Can anyone confirm this for me?

Any help appreciated.



The clue is that you should already know what territory and speed your MD runs in, so you can then work it out from there by comparing which way the jumpers are connected on it to ones in the mod info pictures.
I also think you're not quite clued as to what a jumper is. There is no up or down, top or bottom, they're either connected to allow voltage to pass or disconnected to not.