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TurboExpress help

Started by tsukasa, June 30, 2006, 03:59:23 AM

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I need information about the chip on the TurboExpress controller board.  The part number is "BU5782K".  I don't think it operates like a regular controller for a TG-16, because of the TurboLink port and other stuff.  A pinout of the ribbon cable on the controller board would be nice as well.



It's a custom programmable chip.  I don't think anyone but NEC/Hudson knows what it does.


sorry for bump to an old thread (but it only had 2 posts).

So I have tried tracing this chip, so far only traced one to on of the Hu chips.

My goal is to wire up a controller port to a Turbo Express (much like my recent Nomad mod). Now this one is going to be trickier, the chip as stated is not the same as inside a turbografx controller. As far as i can tell this chip encodes the controller, Turbolink and Turbo port into different data lines, it is then fed into a 12 ribbon cable. So far none of the 12 lines match up to stock controller to HU6280 pins. What I can tell on this board (and it is hard because alot of traces run underneath) is that somewhere the controller lines are decoded (no idea by what) and then there are resistors on the board before these lines connect to the Hu6280.

Since the pinout is known for the HU6280, my plan is to wire up a controller port directly to the related pins for controls. Hopefully the system will be able to handle a bypass like that and not freak out.

Worse case scenario - I will need to run a switch that will disable onboard controls, but then I will have to bypass the auidio (not too big a deal). I am not worried about Turbolink when I bypass, because only 2 games really supported that.

Hopefully the switch won't be required, but we will have to see.


I'm keen to see progress on this.  I'm very surprised the custom chip doesn't just run straight to the Hu6280, I sort of expected it to be a standard pad encoder with some extra bits for handling the TurboLink.


I am thinking that maybe it does run straight, but there seems to be resistors in the way that probably don't allot me to test direct connection with my multimeter. Will keep updating as I make progress.


And it works!!!!

Added a controller port to the Turbo Express. Used a TG sized connector as a test but it will end up with a Duo connector.

When plugged in onboard controls are disabled, haven't tested a turbo tap yet


Here is the video of the controller port in action (and a look at the battery mod).

Lawrence should the name of the thread be changed or should I make a new thread on this? Thanks so much for your input, your website was instrumental on me figuring out where the pins should go (before I tested using an ohmeter).


Wow. I want to be duo_r when I grow up, excellent!


thanks man, that means alot!  ;D

Quote from: Endymion on July 31, 2012, 04:53:51 AM
Wow. I want to be duo_r when I grow up, excellent!

ok so got some requests on how to wire this one up, it is actually pretty simple. Also for the controller to properly work we need to connect Ground and 5V line as follows:

5v connects to controller pin 1
Ground connects to controller pin 8

I can show you later where I grab the 5V line, it is from the large voltage regulator on the same side as all the ribbon cables. Ground is also available on the same side. Make sure you pay attention that the ports shown are the female connector.

Also it isn't even necessary to direct solder to the HU6280, there are actually little via points right next to each pin, use your ohmeter to check, you will find them. Just dab solder and connect your wire. I used very thin gauge kynar wire.


Does anyone know anything about the power save function of the turbo express and how to disable? Unfortunately with the external controller the system kicks in power save mode after 5 minutes. You have to hit the onboard controls.