X68000 Network Adapters

Started by BlueBMW, August 12, 2012, 11:06:18 AM

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I recently got in a large lot of X68k Compacts and X68030 compacts.  Every system had the internal ram expansion (6mb on the compacts and 8mb on the 030s)  AND each system had an odd network board in them....

The boards say Microware OS-9/NET.  Any ideas what these might have been used for?  They have the old style connection that looks kind of like BNC.  (is it called token ring?)  And does anyone have any use for some of these?

Also, in the same lot of computers, there was another network board.  This one has a regular ethernet port on it and says 9512 /x680X0 LAN BOARD on it.  Anyone have a use for this?


The first one appears to be an ARCNET card. The second one is a 10Base-T card with a RJ45 and AUI plugs. This would be useful for getting on your LAN if you can find drivers for it.


 Both of these cards should be compatible with OS-9 operating system, which was owned by Microware at that time.


Check out the following link for a sneak preview:

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