Newbie RGB Monitor Question

Started by 16 Bit Import, March 27, 2004, 03:49:54 AM

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16 Bit Import


Two Questions:

   1: Can I play low res games on a medium res monitor? What about high res on a medium res monitor?

   2:    I'm a newbie when it comes to getting getting RGB out of my systems, as I've been using S-Video all this time - but I think it's time to upgrade.
   I was thinking about purchasing this monitor:

   It has an 8 PIN DIN Input on the back (a combo of RGB and S-Video). This is fine for connecting my Supergun, although the Supergun has a different  male jack on the RGB cable it came with I think I can find an appropriate 8 pin male connector and do some soldering. Also, my supergun has separate jacks for audio.
   However, I was wondering if it would work just as well for my home consoles? I'm not concerned about the video, because I think I could easily make a cable with that 8 Pin connector and a scart connector, and connect that cable to the monitor and connect the home console's RGB cable to that custom cable.
   I am worried about the audio though. On any home system isn't the L/R audio in the scart pins, as opposed to being a separate jack? On that 8 pin female monitor input there are no pins for audio (the other pins are for s-video - don't ask me why - it has to do with the configuration of their supergun). The audio is on two separate jacks. So how would I get audio, say, out of an X-Box/PS2 when using this monitor for RGB? Is it even possible? If not, are there any other places I could buy a monitor that would suit my purposes? What's the best CRT monitor out there that I could get for this (don't worry about price)? What places specialize in high-quality arcade CRT monitors (preferrably with wells-gardner tubes)?
   Just in case your wondering here is the info on what systems I'm working with: I have a GW Trading HAG v1.3 Supergun. See for more info. My home consoles that are standard North Amer. NTSC and are not modded are NES, Turbo Duo (I'm not too worried about my nes or my Duo, I dont feel like opening them up and fiddling around just to make them put out RGB), Genesis, SNES, Jaguar, Saturn, N64 (will continue to use S-Video for N64), PS2, X-Box, and Gamecube. I also have a Supergrafx, but I'm unsure about it's RGB capabilities. My Neo Geo AES is a Jap. model and is heavily modded to include stereo and S-video. My Dreamcast is universal but I think I'll just continue to hook that one up to a comp. monitor.
   If you can help me out I would really appreciate it. I'm sorry about the length of this post.


Welcome, newbie! Following my answer, you will be unceremoniously caned with reeds! ;)

Lo-res works on lo-res (15kHz), hi-res works on hi-res (>30kHz), and medium-res works with nothing.

You seem to have a good grasp of the technical end of RGB. All your game systems will work with that there expensive monitor, except for those you know will not. I make a "breakout" adapter, which has the video from the peritel connector to the DIN (in your case) and the audio going to two RCA jacks (I've had to do that with a few of my monitors).

And yes, leave your Dreamcast next to your PC monitor, like God intended.

Guest_16 Bit Importer

Thanks for your quick reply.

How would I go about a making "breakout adapter" to accomodate my console's audio so that it would work with that monitor? Thanks again.



Well, what I would do is get a female peritel socket and wire the video pins (R, G, B, ground, and sync - more on that later) to your DIN socket pinout. Then, I would wire the audio pins (and ground lines) to a cleaved cable terminating in your RCA jacks. I short leads and RCA sockets in my setup. As I said, I do this for a lot of my old monitors (which don't have speakers). You also have the option of wiring your system to a nice audio setup. You mention SCART; do you reside in the EU (or environs)? You'll need to use a sync separator (like the LM1881), to get the sync from the composite video signal. Of course, the monitor may have one installed already. I use switchboxes, but in the US peritel connectors are foreign and thus (according to our government) godless and evil. Perhaps you'd have some luck finding a few. Hope this helps.

Edit: Wow... 100 posts. I feel old... :D

16 Bit Import

No, I live in the US. But I'm searching for some scarts as we speak so I can wire one up to the EU pinout, and one for the JAP pinout.


Search for SCART equipment on ebay, it's a dime a dozen over there and many users don't mind shipping to the USA so long as you pay them quick and easy (paypal), SCART is really a good way to go as it simplifies things a lot. You can get a switchbox and mod it once for your monitor, then just get whatever SCART cable you need and use it with no alteration.