My custom HDD image for the ballers.

Started by SuperDeadite, July 29, 2012, 12:18:50 PM

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I have updated the Eidis V3 HDD image.  The v3 image is excellent and designed to max out ram usage.  Mine adds some games such as Valis II that need 8mbs or so to actually run.  However there are bunch of smaller games to work on less.  The undumped games I uploaded are also included.  Since I have 12mbs and I'm lazy, I used 2HDBoot for most of the new games.  You'll find them in the new Games4 directory.

I also added the cracked version of Daimakaimura, so you don't need to do that manually anymore.

Finally I formated my card with partitions on the real machine, then imaged it, then imported the V3 image files into it.  Meaning now it has two partitions. 
The first partition functions exactly like V3.  Partition 2 (Drive B:), has SX Window 3.1 installed.  When you turn the machine on, hold the HELP key, to get the IPL Boot Menu.  Then select option 2 to boot from B:.  Then simply run sx.bat at the prompt to load into SX.  I have CDDEV v2.1, giving SX full cd-rom support, meaning with a cd-rom connected you'll get an icon for it in the drive tray.  Very easy to drag and drop big file transfers this way.  Other then that the 2nd partition is pretty much blank.

Be aware, trying to load the 2nd partition in disk explorer seems to crash.  But on my real XVI this image works perfectly everytime.  Enjoy.


Updated, broken games fixed.  A few new added.  Again this image is meant for completeness, not for low-specs.
I recommend it for those with 6mbs of RAM or higher.  If you have 4 or less, stick to the Eidis V3.


 Hi SuperDeadite,

Forgive me for my harsh words but it looks like you copied everything from V3, added some new stuff with the RAM hungry method and fixed a few broken games. The main point of the image is to make it as less RAM hungry as possible so that the majority of X68000 users could use it on their hardware, thus it means avoiding 2hdboot at all costs and use it only as a last resort. The new stuff could have been released as a service pack, which sometime in the future, when the time is right, would have been added to the v4 like me and Caius were doing previously with v3. I really think that there is no need for different image which has 80% stuff from the original.

P.S. Caius has been very busy installing many games which are not in v3 with the proper clean and hardcore way. He has even managed to install some of the very tough games without the 2hdboot so there will definitely be v4 which most of us will be able to enjoy on their real machines.

X68000 personal computer is called, "X68K" or "no good good" is called, is the PC that are loved by many people today.


I appreciate both approaches.  The Eidis image is great since not many people have high spec machines.  The SuperD baller image is nice for me since I do have a machine with extra ram.

Thanks to you both for making the images :)

You guys handle the software, I'll just keep fixing the hardware ;)


Hi , could you tell me how i can burn this image to my Cf because with the program active disk image can open.

Thanks a lot


Quote from: silius on September 08, 2012, 09:27:53 PM
Hi , could you tell me how i can burn this image to my Cf because with the program active disk image can open.

Thanks a lot

Hi, you can use WinImage (30 days trial) utility to restore the image:


Thanks a lot Caius for your help

Now is ok

I love me Sharp  ;D ;D ;D