Question about Human68k version 2.0

Started by Bajalento, July 20, 2012, 03:55:34 AM

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Hello to all fellow members.

Excuse me if I do not start properly and I have to report before elsewhere in the forum, if so please say to me the place and I,ll do, excuse me pretty bad too because I speak English.

I am a user with 2mb X68000 ace and a 603-d monitor, the problem I have is I have no mouse and I have version Human68k operating system version 2.0. I have read whole thread but all I found nothing of whether it is possible to access without mouse to "switch program". Could anyone help me with this.



If you have a pure Human68k disk (no GUI), you only need a keyboard.


Thank you so much SuperDeadite.

These are the disks I have:

The two blue one puts human68k 1.0 and is a word processor like Microsoft Word primitive:

The second blue put Human68k 2.0 to read the system says Human.sys, and the third red gets 2.0 and goes into a kind of operating system:

Perhaps they can not access the "switch program", the truth is that I dislike not being able to play games like Final Fight, Strider, Marchen Maze, because despite having 2mb I can not configure my system to them, I'm pretty disgusted with this. Not to do because I do not know anyone who could give me this program to change your BIOS.

Thank you all for the help. Forgive my ignorance on this system.


Yeah that's the very old version with the GUI.  Without a mouse you need a pure boot disk that goes straight to command prompt.
Where are you located, many people here could send you a disk, just a matter of who is closest.


Thank you SuperDeadlite.

I tried to access the route to run that program but it has been impossible. I am from Spain.



Im sending Bajalento a mouse and human 68k 3.02  so he should be taken care of.


 ;)Thank you so much. I am new but I think you have a large community in what I can and will try to help my English. :D


Hi :)

switch M=1024

switch M=2048

switch M=4096


Hi Taka.

Then with Disk red 2.0 I should introduce switch m=2048 command list?

Thank you Taka