Help getting started with X68K

Started by Ex68Kay, March 15, 2019, 12:55:01 PM

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I finally bought one and got a lot of things alongside after my purchase namely the HxC2001 Floppy Emulator , the SCSI2SD board, a keyboard adapter, and a bunch of cables.
I tested the unit today and it works and need a Floppy. I dont have any Floppies and I dont have anyway to write them unless the X68K will.
I would like to set up an SD for the Hard Drive (SCSI2SD) and the Floppy (HxC2001) but I can't seem to find anything that works in the emulator.
Ideally I want all the hundreds of games I have to run from some sd card but I know there will be handfuls of incompatible roms.
I read the HDD can only have 1gb of data and the Floppies can only be 40mb so whats the best way to get these SD cards ready? I dont think I have the cable to connect the HxC2001 yet.

any advice is welcome because i am just looking for a more efficient way to set them up.


This guide works great for an internal SCSI2SD install:

You will need the boot disk though to load the SASI driver into your flash ROM. If I had some spare blank 5.25" floppies I could make one for you. Maybe someone else up here can make one.


Awesome, thank you. I just broke off the micro usb for my scsi2sd so i got another one comin in ... Ouch, ill try to return it . This one wouldnt save to device. It said save Failed to Save every time. Ill buy a disk for anyone who will write the boot disk for me :) gladly pay shipping whole 9 ya know. I thought the floppy emulator would do that tho idk y not. I have a Raspberry Pi add-on baord for the mouning of disks so I hope that  can work well and not be too annoying to use


I can make you a Master Floppy disc if someone hasn't made one for you already.  Shoot me a PM.