connecting a 32x

Started by cheviman, September 25, 2003, 11:14:38 AM

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i buy it recently a sega 32x and im triyng to connect it to my non-original genesis, she only have the classic audio/video connector not the special plug. the question is, can i make an adapter to get it work? or is just impossible?


Most 32X units were sold with an adaptor to convert the old AV to the new style plug.  If you can't find one (and I doubt you can, they're not common anymore) I recommend getting a 32X that includes one (Sell the one you have) or get a newer Genesis.  You can make an adaptor easily, just use the pinouts on and make a straight cable - R->R, G->G, etc...  If you need the 9-pin connector I can sell you one,  or people on these forums can show you where to get a cheaper one.



thx i will try to make one of these. but i think i cannot get it work and ill try to get a new genesis