Advice on PAL Nintendo 64 video: Problems with S-video, RGB maybe?

Started by fireaza, July 01, 2012, 09:09:01 PM

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Hi there guys! I'm hoping you gents might be the ones to talk to about my woes with my Nintendo 64. As I'm sure y'all are aware, you can't plug an RGB SCART cable into the N64 and get sweet sweet RGB. S-video is your best option. However, I've been though three S-video cables so far, here's the issues I had:
Cable 1: Picture had diagonal stripes, like this:

Cable 2 (Monster cable): Cable had a perfectly clean image! But, it's an NTSC cable, so the picture was too bright on my PAL N64.
Cable 3: Same problem as cable 1

So where do I go from here? I can't seem to get a S-video that isn't noisy, the only one that wasn't was the Monster cable that's not suitable for my console. In the case of cables 1 and 3, the sellers say they're not experiencing the problems I am. So the issue might be with my setup, but what exactly? I'm running many consoles on this TV, and none of them have this issue. But, none of them are using S-video! There's nothing wrong with the connection itself, I plugged a DVD player into it, and the picture was fine.

I have heard there's now a mod to add RGB to PAL N64s. This would probably solve my issue, while also giving RGB to the console to boot. Do you guys know anything about this mod?


With your s-video cables, I'm guessing they're simply of poor quality or too long. When I first s-video modded my PAL 64, I ran a hard-wired audio lead to an s-video connector, just because it's what I had at the time. It worked fine on my 68cm CRT, but hooking it up to a big-arse plasma, got the same diagonal lines you're describing. I don't have a problem now that I've installed an s-video socket on the console and use a decent cable.

For you, I'd recommend modifying the console, and using the Monster cable. This thred has the details for what you'll need to do. Two resistors, two capacitors.

Regarding the RGB mod, here's the info. I haven't used it myself, but it apparently does work very well. Getting it going however is a bit beyond my capabilities.


The only problem is, I couldn't find any way to get into the Monster cable, it looked to be one solid chunk of plastic. But I was reading it would be possible to perform the mod inside the N64 itself? That way, I could use the cable unmodified, because I don't think I'm ever going to find a PAL S-video cable that's properly shielded. Do you have any knowlege on performing the s-video mod inside the console itself?


Certainly do modify the inside of the 64. I just mounted the resistors and capacitors on a bit of stripboard and ran wire, though in your case you'll want to intercept the signal before it gets to the pins, so I think you'll need to cut traces somewhere. I don't have any specific info that could help though.


Do you have a photo of what the mod looks like? I'm no electrician, but I can monkey-see-monkey-do :D