Nintendo to Famicom Controller Adapter For Sale

Started by vblank, January 31, 2012, 03:45:32 AM

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Up for sale is my modded nintendo fourscore.

I  have modified a nintendo fourscore to plug into a famicom so you can use nes controllers on your famicom.

The built in famicom controllers are too short and the whole set-up is messy.

Besides which I wanted to be able to use my good old Hudsonsoft controller.

As you can see I have removed the hardwired famicom controllers.

Simply remove the famicom case and unplug the built in controllers from the circuit board.

It works with the standard nes, dogbone, and hudsonsoft controllers.

I haven't tested it with a nes zapper.

Note: The adapter supports 1 - 2 players.

The parts cost me £30, plus £12 to cover time and effort.

So this could be yours for £42. + £5.00 intl postage / £2.50 UK postage.

If you are interested just drop me an email

I have also listed this on ebay: item no. 200707406535