How do you get the large 4gb/900mb hd images workin?

Started by Ex68Kay, May 18, 2019, 12:55:29 AM

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How do you get the large 4gb/900mb hd images on a SASI/SCSI unit? What are HD the limitations per model? Which model can handle the largest hard drives?
I am struggling with the RaSCSI on my gray Expert (SASI) and I think I need to have a smaller hard disk image that is probably an hdf (SASI), not HDS (SCSI)...
any info would be great.
Is it a limitation of the X68000 system that cannot be overcome? Can these limitations be overcome by an Hard Drive replacement?


x68000 only supports up to 2 1GB partitions per drive with one being active. You can use GOVERHD to combine the two partitions into one however I've heard it's not very stable. You would need to use separate 2GB drives on each ID.