Eject not working... Help needed! [FIXED!!]

Started by fandenivoldsk, May 06, 2012, 02:42:03 AM

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EDIT: It seem that the label sticker on the floppy was the one making problems.
I was able to pull the floppy out (without breaking the machine) and it is now working again :-)

---- Original message ------

My X68000 Compact is having trouble ejecting the 3.5 floppy currently in the first drive.
The floppy drive is working and the game is loading, however I can not eject it.  :(

When I press the eject button, the machine makes the eject noise and mechanism, but nothing pops out in the end.

Anyone know if I can somehow force eject it? Or do I have to open the X68000 Compact to get it to work?

Help needed!