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Lightening the load.

Started by NFG, February 10, 2004, 04:19:04 AM

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You might recognize me from such sites as and and
and you might have seen or heard about some of the strange hardware I've got. I'm a hardware addict. For the last eight years I've been on a relentless acquisition spree, and now I've reached the end.

I've got too much stuff. It burdens my soul in ways I never thought possible. In the same way that working at a game store skews your sense of a game's worth, owning a game store and them moving to Japan solely to collect and sell games has ruined me. I don't play, I hoard. I tinker, I hack, and I post my discoveries, mods and inventions for the world to see.

My priorities have shifted, I'm no longer a player, I'm the sad old man who can't play games because taking the time to choose a game - then dig out the system, power cord, proper AV cord, controller and display - takes longer than I've got to play.

This is what the end looks like, when you wake up and realize there's nothing left to buy. There's practically no hardware left on the planet I haven't owned, opened up, mucked with, hacked and put on the shelf like the piece of art that it is. I've got more systems than most people have games, and much of it's so rare you've never even heard of it let alone seen it or owned one.

I need to lighten the load, trim it back to basics. A lot of this stuff is gear I'll never own again, and probably never see anyone else sell again. It's really saddening to me that I know I'll never see some of this gear again. I've had this stuff, in some cases, for over a decade. I'll never see them for sale and be able to buy them again.

A lot of it's mad-rare. Some of it's more common, but so ludicrously expensive I'll never be able to justify the cost again. Things like the PC Engine LT, and the SF-Box II, the dev 64DD... I'd rather someone who could treasure it owned it. It's going to waste here, though I hope you've enjoyed the pictures I took! Blazing the trail is what's fun for me - that weird, obscure piece of hardware we all saw in an EGM back in '93. A half-rumoured half-imaginary unreleased proto system... I've had them all, or convinced myself I never will. There are only two options now, open a museum of gaming rarities or sell it off. Since I haven't the money to start a museum (and no one would pay to see this crap besides!) the choice seems clear.

I'm not completely insane - I'm keeping the HiSaturn Navi. I'm keeping the Dreamcast, the TurboGrafx 16, and probably one X68000 for myself. I've got a SNES, my old Atari 8bit and a TT030. The rest of it's going to find new homes in the next couple of months.

Here's a link to a partial list:

I realize this sounds a lot like a sale thread, but it's mostly not. Selling some of this stuff pains me a great deal, and if I'm going to get through it I'd rather it be public. Share my pain (or mock me if you must) but I'm getting rid of some stuff I spent a third of my life chasing, stuff I think many of us here also chase.




Well, if you must, I hope you're happy with your decision.

By the way, the link doesn't work.


QuoteBy the way, the link doesn't work.
It does now, thanks.


It's good to get stuff off of your chest from time to time. Talking (or typing) is always a good thing. However, you're selling this stuff to move overseas, right? After this liquidation, you should be able to move and buy an entire province!

Edit: Why not the US? Sure, the people are pretentious, the economy is in chaos, and our government is slowly becoming a dictatorship. Oh, and broadband prices are still outrageous and run by monopolistic megacompanies. Shit... um... nevermind... In any case, I'm sure your decision will work for the better. Fear not, for these troubled times shall pass. :)  


That's some really cool stuff you're selling. Thanks for all the pictures I really envy you. :wub: