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WTF is this? LOL

Started by SuperDeadite, March 16, 2012, 11:54:38 AM

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Thats wild. I dont even recognize that plug.


 The green board looks pretty much like PIO-6834-2/4M-1 - Memory expansion board 2MB

And the homebrew card could be additional 2MB memory expansion for the first board.

I'm not too sure about the third one, but judging by the pin and connected wire count it could be a connector for some custom monitor.

The seller even went an extra mile to warn everyone:

QuotePlease refrain from bidding more nervous.

Keep the scene alive !
X68000 personal computer is called, "X68K" or "no good good" is called, is the PC that are loved by many people today.


WTH ! No fear !  :D

Eidis is probably right. This is an original X68000 which embed only 1MB of RAM while  all PIO-6834 series assume there is at least 2.
So I guess it's a 1MB extension for filling the hole by taking some logic part of the PIO-6834 to reduce chips count.

A viable but insane idea btw >.>