Package Time - Shopping Mall Japan (pics inside)

Started by eidis, March 16, 2012, 05:44:41 AM

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  Hi Guys !

Today I received another package from Shopping Mall Japan and I want to show you what I mean by packaging perfection. This time I went with SEA shipping, which is the most slowest and cheapest to see how well it will go. And so "my precious" was on a boat for quite some time. It was said that it can take up to three months, but it arrived shortly before the start of second. Check out the delivery times:

First thing which I noticed is that the box is exactly the right size for its contents. Not too big and not too small.

And then was the mega tamper proof protection. All edges and middle were duct taped and scotch taped over the duct tape.

Inside the package were small plastic air bags

In the middle was "my precious" ;)

And under it another lot of plastic air bags

Time to get to the main course

First layer of bubble wrap removed

Second layer of bubble wrap removed

Inside the carton paper was yet another bubble wrap

And then, finally, a spare set of Furopidisuku draivo :)

And a close up

All I can say is that Shopping Mall Japan cares about their customers and is Awesome. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to purchase some Japanese goodies.

Special thank you goes to Kenji Kato of Chaos Japan Ltd.

Keep the scene alive !
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