Praise to Shopping Mall Japan

Started by eidis, February 11, 2012, 04:39:45 AM

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  Hi Guys !

Maybe this thread is slightly off topic, but I wanted to share my experience with you. Shopping Mall Japan really know what they are doing. My SH-6BE-2/4M-1 2MB ram expansion arrived via EMS in just three days ! It took one and a half week to receive a package via the same courier from UK which is much closer to Latvia and it takes approximately two weeks for eBay purchases to arrive. Check out the speed at which ShoppingMallJapan operates:

But the best part was yet to come. I have never seen so perfectly packaged and tamper proofed item. The box itself was taped with microscopic precision so that no one could "accidentally" look inside. The card itself was in a small, perfect fit, plastic bag which was again with microscopic precision wrapped in antistatic bubble wrap which sides were very carefully laminated so that again no one could "accidentally" look at the contents. In my ~100 purchase from the internet history I have never seen such packaging perfection. SMJ is fantastic !!!

Keep the scene alive !
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