Where can I buy Maxell QD2 Quick Disks from?

Started by phreak97, November 01, 2011, 05:37:26 PM

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I've got a few corrupt Disk System games and I want to crack them open and replace the magnetic disk inside then rewrite them. I've got the reading and writing bit sorted, but I need to source some compatible disk inners.

The Famicom Disk System disks are only propriatry in the shape of the plastic casing, the inner is a Mitsumi Quick Disk. I've got confirmation that a Maxell QD2 Quick Disk will work, and it looks like a Smith Corona Datadisk will also work. I believe there are a number of other compatible disks but I cant find much information on them.

anyone got any ideas where I could find something that will work? ebay has turned up nothing except some european listing at 8 euros plus postage per disk.. I could just buy the corrupt games again for that.

I cant stress enough that I am not using these for piracy, I am strictly reviving original disks.


I've seen, if I remember correctly, that you could cut out several Famicom disks from an 8-inch floppy disk.  It was in a very old issue of Backup Technik magazine.


I thought the spiral on the magnetic strip was preformatted? in any case I dont know how I'd go about attaching them to the centre.. I'm hoping for a straight swap of inners really