Need help with turbografx RGB

Started by klonoa, November 19, 2011, 04:56:02 AM

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Hello there.

I want to add an rgb out on my american turbografx 16.
first i followed this guide:

but the result was: no image
when i added a transistor to the sync i got a realy weird desynced image. next what i did was following this guide:

when i make the amp i get no image unless i connect the sync strait trough (no amp)
but then i get an image with only red and blue, no green
it's not the amp itself since when i swamp red with green i still get only blue and red still no green. It's also no connection problem since i get the power on green and i dubble checked the cable with a multimeter.

anybody got an idea?
would help me a whole lot

thanks already!

photo's are comming