Powering a Mega Drive, Mega CD and 32X from one AC adapter

Started by MangledLeg, July 26, 2011, 04:50:55 PM

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I've recently grabbed a 32X (brand new at that!), which means it's time to add another AC adapter to the powerboard.

I was thinking though, would it be possible to power all three machines off a modern, efficient switching AC adapter?

From my reading, each component needs ~1A (or slightly under) off a chunky AC adapter outputting 10v DC.

I was thinking of grabbing a new, efficient switching AC adapter that outputs 9V at 3A. From there, snip off the tip and fit three sockets to suit my setup (I'm running a Mega Drive 1, Mega CD 2 and the 32X, so that means using two of the chunkier sockets and one of the slimmer sockets). I actually have the sockets handy, just need to pickup an AC adapter. For the wiring, I'll be using thicker-gauge wiring, same as I'd use on each of the +5v lines for my JAMMA wiring. If this is overkill, let me know.

I've read where people have run the voltage internally between at least the Mega Drive and Mega CD (and thereby running off one AC adapter connected to the back of the SMD); this is different, as I want separate sockets so that there's no additional wiring inside any of the consoles.

So, is this a good idea, or am I missing something?


MM, well I would start by looking at how they power the 32x in the Sega Neptune Mod.  I also know there's a mod to get a Genesis 1 to to power a Sega CD.  See if you can combine those two. 

Here's Genesis 1 SCD mod one PSU mod:  http://www.jamma-nation-x.com/jammax/genesismods.html

I'm sure a Sega Neptune mod is floating around here. 


Thanks for the idea jamisonai, but I'm keen on avoiding any additional internal rewiring, want to run separate connectors for each console off one AC adapter.

Speaking of which, I do have a question on the way I've wired it up - I haven't plugged it in to get the ball rolling, but as it stands I've got a nice, efficient 9v DC 3A switching PSU where I've snipped the default connector off and have soldered on the requisite plugs with the correct polarity to suit my setup (two of the larger plugs for the SMD and MCD2, one smaller one to suit the 32X, all with correct polarity).

My question is with regards to hot glue. To add some strength to the connection, after I soldered the wiring to the the plugs I used hot glue around the connector/solder joints and wiring. This also works to insulate the wiring too (so I could be lazy and avoid adding heatshrink tubing to the setup).

I'll be adding some heatshrink over the top to make it look clean, but is there any danger in using the hot glue in the way that I have? I know it's often used when soldering +5v on PCBs when you're wiring connections (saves taping stuff down with electrical tape), but wasn't sure about +9v DC that's rated up to 3A.

Can anyone provide any feedback on the use of hot glue in this instance?