CDI digital audio mod

Started by acem77, February 25, 2012, 06:22:41 PM

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Here is what i have found on trying a CDI digital audio mod on my CDI 220 / 37
bad news so far all i get is static for audio : (

so far i have tested and got these systems working with no issues snes, 3do, saturn, psx , dreamcast, gamecube.   I had some luck with the Jaguar still not 100%

Here is all the data and files i have for the CDI.  Any help is welcome. ???
I am using a toshiba TC9231N and an external clock of 12.288 Mhz  i could not find a stable clock on the cdi mother board yet...

Data sheet for the cs4328 DAC in my CDI
all original wave form files from my scope





You successfully modded the 3Do and Jaguar for S/PDIF too right?  Are you going to post instructions to the Wiki?