32X with model 1 Genesis/Sega CD setup

Started by SuperPsycho, March 09, 2004, 01:05:09 PM

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I have a Model 1 Genesis, and a Model 1 Sega CD hooked together.... with stereo audio cable from front of the Gensis to the back of the Sega CD....

I also have a 32X

Currently the only way of hooking the 32X to the genesis's A/V is with the patch cable with model 1 adaptor...which from my understanding would mean I'd be getting just mono audio(I don't have the adaptor needed to hook up the patch cable to the Genesis 1)...which I don't really want when the audio going from the Genesis headphone jack to the Sega CD is stereo as is the audio coming out of the Sega CD.

What I'd like to get is a patch cable that hooks up to the model 1 genesis's port only for video and hooks up to the stereo audio output from the Sega CD for audio.

Originally tried hooking up a model 2 A/V cable to the input on the 32X, a model 1 A/V cable to the genesis, hooking the video plugs on the two cables together and attatching the audio plus on the cable hooked to the 32x up to the stereo audio output on the Sega CD.  This worked fine for Audio but video did not work... Is this a cable length thing or a case of a different pinout?


Since the audio already comes out of your SegaCD why not just grab your audio from there?  It's my understanding the 32X does not add anything to the Genny's audio, so you're not going to be missing out.

The 32X receives RGB from the Genesis, not Video.  Connect all the wires and your hacked cable should work fine.

dum dum

the 32x does have stereo audio out (keep an ear out for digital sound samples than pan to the left or right), the 32x sounds are not mixed through the AV ports as you might guess - it goes through a pair of pins on the MD cart slot, so it gets mixed into the MD's audio from the get go so you'll be just fine  


Thank you very much for your replies....I guess I won't be needing to get any cables made.