technical info for model 1 sega genesis

Started by socialdrone, March 16, 2004, 08:57:46 AM

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im looking for some detailed explination or pinouts of the chips found on the sega genesis.

i have a model one genesis
1991 171-5963 10
ic bd m5 usa

i have some information but nothing that detailed or that accurate.  i found a file rumored to be a sega techincal manual named, sega2.doc...but i cant seem to view the file.

if anyone has any detailed information on the following chips id be gratefull

the two sega custom chips

and the Z80 clone
NEC D780C-1

i tried to find some sort of documentation for the D780C-1 on NEC's website but had no luck.
i was also wondering if anyone knows what the unused port labeled, CN4, is/was or planned to be used for.  i noticed that on some genesis's there is an actual 9pin controler like port in place.

thanks in advance .


nevermind i found what i was looking for...