[REQUEST] PAL 32x 50\60 Hertz Switch

Started by Dr.Wily, March 05, 2004, 09:29:14 AM

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Anyone know a mod for PAL 32x system to run in 60 hertz ?


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dum dum

the 32x seems to take on the Hz of the megadrive system its connected to; pal 32x's may be identical to the ntsc ones except for the format of the video signal - the pal ones even have "ntsc" printed on the boards inside the unit.

but the games tend not to work well or at all with the 'wrong' speed, im guessing the games have been recoded for the pal versions (if you press a certain button in the chaotix sound test you can change the music tempo, the pal version has a higher default tempo number than the ntsc version to counteract the slower 50Hz timer)