Few SCSI hard disks available...

Started by stt1, May 15, 2011, 09:06:20 PM

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I recently took a stack of drives out from old PC and they should be useable with the X68k. As I don't need this many drives myself I'll offer the rest for buying.

Good news:

I'll sell them for cheap.

Bad news:

At the moment I can only plug the wires and power them up and hear that they spin up and sound fine, nothing else.

Models available:

Seagate Barracuda ST32550N - 2.1GB
Seagate Hawk ST31200N - 1.25GB
Western Digital WDE 4360 - 4.3GB
Quantum Fireball ST 3240S - 3.2GB

If anyone is interested in, contact me, please.


Ok, seems that no one is interested. I'll trash them soon...


Don't toss them - there are plenty of old Mac people or Amiga people that would love to have those drives.

Most of them are too big to be easily used in an X68000 anyway. Use of drives bigger than 1GB requires the GOVERHD driver, and in practical use you'll never fill a 1GB drive on an X68000 anytime soon.